So here are some more photos of the job I did in Fauntleroy. In these photos you can see how long of a carpet stretch I had to do between both bedrooms downstairs. This house has two bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs, plus two hallways. In my previous post you can see the detailed work I did with the bullnose stairs. I am very happy with the way this job turned out, This particular type of carpet is know as a “berber”. Underneath the berber carpet I used an extra thick 8# pad which really made a difference in how the carpet feels when you walk, sit or lay on top of it. This 8 pound pad is thicker then the normal 8 pound foam pad I usually use. And the only reason I used it was because the 8 pound pad I had ordered for this job didn’t show up when I picked up my order. As a result the company gave me the thicker 8 pound pad.What a difference it made! Even better the cost for the thicker 8 pound pad was very minimal compared to the normal 8 pound pad most flooring stores sell me. I highly recommend you look into a thicker 8 pound pad before you move up to a more expensive pad like “tripple touch, or healthy choice pad”. The difference in price is significant…over $3.00 a yard you can save, which adds up quickly.