The skill of a craftsman. The soul of an artist.

JD Jarmer has always been a creative soul. A musician and composer with a degree in audio engineering, he was “tricked” into the flooring business in college by one of his neighbors—and soon discovered that not only did he enjoy the work, he loved utilizing his creativity to help clients achieve their visions.

That was more than 25 years ago. Today, as the owner of One Step Further, JD still designs and installs beautiful floors with a unique artistic flair. And just as with his music, he’s still on a never-ending professional journey of growth and learning.

That mindful approach is evident in JD’s dedication to using environmentally friendly products for all of his projects. “The more I learned about the dangerous chemicals used in some flooring materials, the more I wanted to make my business different,” he says. “That’s why I use nontoxic, biodegradable products, all the way down to the adhesive. People want floors that look great, but they also want a safe environment for their families. It’s possible to have both.”

When JD isn’t creating art for his One Step Further clients, he’s making it for listeners—fueled by a passion for music that began in fifth grade, when he would perform for neighborhood kids with a “microphone” crafted from aluminum foil and drum kits made out of pots and pans. He has formal piano and vocal training, plays multiple instruments, and is an award-winning singer who records his own songs; you’ll soon be able to find them on Spotify.