Creativity and craft in Wallingford

Cynthia, my client on this project, was looking to sell a home in Wallingford and had some ideal buyers in mind: people who are health-conscious and want to be surrounded by safe, environmentally friendly products.

She also wanted to give the home a creative, playful spirit, so Cynthia worked with an interior designer to come up with ideas—and entrusted me with bringing the flooring vision to life.

Over multiple meetings and on-site visits, we selected a final design and began the process of making it a reality. First, I made measurements based on the designer’s drawings. Then, I took the drawing and my measurements to Kurt at Composite Applications, where he used ultrasonic cutting for the marmoleum—but only after going over every detail closely and having me perform a few additional measurements.

As you can tell from the photos, this is an involved process that requires a lot of care and precision. After ensuring the subfloors are properly prepared, I have to map out how everything fits together once it’s time for installation (and I also have to do some cutting myself).

In the end, though, it’s all worth the time and effort—Cynthia loved it, and her buyers did, too.

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