OneStepFurther Floor Installation Process

A safe floor that lasts.

At One Step Further, we go further when it comes to safety. In addition to working only with safe flooring, we also exclusively use adhesives and other products for installation that are nontoxic and biodegradable. (Right down to the bucket the adhesive comes in—really.)

Choosing safe products doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or durability, either: As a certified Forbo installer, our Marmoleum floors carry a 30-year warranty for residential and commercial installations. To help you get the most out of your investment, and keep your floors looking great for years to come, we also provide all of our clients with cleaning and maintenance guidelines as well as product recommendations.

Our installation process is thorough and precise, utilizing moisture testing and remediation when necessary, leveling if required, and detailed measurements to ensure a perfect fit. And thanks to the artistry of JD Jarmer, nearly any flooring design you can imagine is possible.

Just as important, our process also is mindful and respectful. This is your space—we keep disruptions to a minimum, work when it’s convenient for you, and keep everything clean. Except for your new floor, you won’t even know we were there.